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With over 90 training topics, IFH® Institute For Hospitality Management has been one of the leading operators in the fields of staff development and training for more than 20 years. Quality assurance through mystery shopping and mystery calls, as well as sales and marketing support, are further focal points of the company.

IFH® customers include national and international hotel chains, hotel consortiums, upscale private hotels and other companies from the hospitality and service sectors.

Founded in 1989 in Frankfurt am Main - also the company's current headquarters - IFH® has further branches in London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai, Orlando and Belgrade.

IFH® employs over 100 people worldwide, plus a large pool of experienced freelance trainers, coaches, call agents and hotel testers.

The IFH® service portfolio consists of:

  • Seminars
    Training, coaching sessions and diploma courses
  • Mystery Shopping
    Hotel testing via phone calls and stays, quality benchmarking
  • Management Support
    Development of branding, marketing, yield and revenue strategies

All IFH® services pursue the objective of increasing clients’ sales.



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